My experience with Treasure Coast Grab Bars could not have been better. Bobby Gauthier, owner/installer, totally exceeded my expectations.

Upon the recommendation of my mother’s physical therapist at Martin County Rehabilitation she decided to have two grab bars installed in her shower. Bobby spent time helping her to determine the best placement for the bars and also suggested a bar that enhanced the appearance of the shower as well.

While he was here my mother also asked him for advice on what could be installed to aid her in getting in and out of her bathtub. Bobby patiently explored the various options with her and concluded that none of them would satisfy her requirements. I appreciated the fact that he did not try to sell her something that she would not be able to use.

I really wasn’t kidding when I said that he exceeded my expectations.

As Bobby was leaving I asked him if he know of anyone who could repair my parents double front door. It would not close properly and they had already had two professionals look at it who felt that the best option was to replace it.

Within an hour he had devised a solution to fix it and repaired the doors himself.

I am including this in my review not because anyone should expect this level of service (I felt I was just lucky that he had had the extra time available) but because it illustrates his approach to problem solving.

Whether setting a grab bar or installing a door, Bobby’s years of experience in the building trade and his commitment to excellence combine to create outstanding customer service.

My 85 year old mother loves the security that her new grab bars give her and that gives me one less thing to worry about. Bobby is not only highly skilled and professional but also friendly, courteous and helpful. I would recommend him to anyone.