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Handicap grab bars

People with physical disabilities benefit greatly from the installation of grab bars throughout the home. Handicap grab bars help people feel more secure, and they also provide a place to grab and maintain balance – preventing falling and injuries.

The ADA has a number of guidelines for placement and installation of handicap grab bars for commercial and public facilities. Treasure Coast Grab Bars has a wide selection of grab bars to meet your aesthetic needs, plus, you get expert installation to insure your new safety equipment works properly when you need it.

Facts about falls:

11.5% of people over 75 will fall and go to the hospital

The US health care system spends over $20 billion a year on fall related injuries

A senior (over 65) falls and goes to the hospital every 17 seconds

Every 30 minutes there is a fatal injury from falling

Grab bars can prevent serious injury and are a recommended tool for your home if someone experiencing balance issues, dizziness, an accident or someone with physical disabilities.