ShurGrip Grab Bars

ShurGrip grab bars make getting up and out of a tub or shower safer and easier. With a special coating that is sure not to slip no matter how wet or soapy your hands are. Treasure Coast Grab Bars is the only dealer within the local area to offer the ShurGrip line that effectively helps removes the risk of slips and falls. The ShurGrip lines offers several varieties in a modular design with a variety of colors and stainless steel finishes.


Due to the textured surface, ShurGrip tubing offers a positive grip in handrail and grab bar applications. Textured surfaces are increasingly popular in handicapped, swimming pool and transit areas.

Weight Saving

ShurGrip tubing has higher strength than standard tube due to the cold working which is required to produce the patterned surface. Higher strength can result in weight savings by allowing designs in lighter wall thicknesses, which can be particularly important in the transportation industry.

Low Maintenance

ShurGrip tubing is the ideal solution to the problems of maintenance in high traffic areas. The patterned surface is much more resistant to scratching than standard polished ornamental tube. Patterned surfaces have long been popular in building foyers, elevators, transit vehicles, and public washrooms because of this low maintenance feature.


Stainless steel is regularly specified in applications requiring high sanitary standards ShurGrip tubing has a “closed” surface as compared to peened or knurled tubing. A “closed” surface is much less prone to pitting corrosion and much easier to clean and disinfect. The result is reduced fear of bacterial growth and a safer environment. Shur Grip is therefore a superior choice for hospital, medical laboratory, food service and any area where hygiene is of the utmost concern.


ShurGrip tubing stands alone as a product which can offer beauty, distinction and durability in a wide spectrum of end uses. Architectural design, furniture, boat rails and ladders, truck, bus, train and subway construction and products for the medical environment, just to name a few.

Installation Costs

Reworking of ornamental products after installation is a costly annoyance for both the fabricator and the customer. ShurGrip has high surface hardness and its pattern resists the effects of rough handling. The result is greatly reduced scratching and marking, low rework costs and higher customer satisfaction. ShurGrip will help you reduce fabrication costs and improve the professional appearance.

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